The Nisswa Falls Crew


My name’s Lou, and I’m the gardener here in Nisswa Falls. I grow all sorts of berries that my friend Bea turns into delicious jams and jellies to sell at the mercantile.  


I’m Mud, spelled M-U-D. Folks always ask how I got that name. It’s because when I was just a cub, I’d show up for dinner all covered in dirt from prospecting, and the name stuck…kinda like the mud, and my love for rocks.


Though my name’s just Kay, everyone calls me “Mama Kay” because I act like everyone’s mama. I make sure the rules of Nisswa Falls are followed. 


Gus is the name, and fishin’ is the game. It may surprise you to know that I run the mill here in town. But I make time for a little fishing at the local pond every day. 


If something breaks in town, you can count on Abe to fix it up…that’s me…the owner of Abe’s Hardware. After the town flooded, I helped patch all the damaged buildings.


The name’s Ed, and I own the Trading Post in town. It’s full of all sorts of thingamajigs left behind by the previous inhabitants of Nisswa Falls. If you’re in need of anything, come see me at Ed’s Trading Post.


Hello everyone, my name is Bea. I run the bakery in Nisswa Falls. Come taste some of my delicious jams, jellies and honeys, for sale in Meg’s Mercantile. 


I’m Meg, and I own Meg’s Mercantile here in town. It’s full of toys, goodies, food, and gifts from Nisswa Falls. Stop by after your round of golf and say hi!